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Howell Signaling Eyewear (sm)

Howell Signaling Eyewear (sm)


Receive discrete non-distracting eyewear messages.  $4000.

Deposit Price: $1000  (balance invoiced before shipment, 2019).     

Deposits are fully-refundable at any time.     

Deposits placed now receive a 30% discount on the full price in 2019:  invoiced balance  =  $1800 in 2019.

First shipments — October, 2019.     



     Unlike all others, only new Howell Signaling Eyewear (sm) provides discrete augmentive messaging by mobile device Bluetooth for critical non-distracting visual alerts.  For example — 1 top-right-eye red-LED turns 'on' for 6-seconds — "your right binding's heel is approaching pre-release" — then, 'off'.  At rest, no LED's are on.  Sensors are located between the binding and the ski.  Sensors, signal-conditioning, limit-adjustments, signal-transmission and rechargeable batteries are included.    

     This is a major breakthrough.

     Other critical and discrete messages (and other types of sensors) are selectively available and sold separately — such as — 'time on parking meter expires in 10-minutes' (self-selected stopwatch within mobile and/or message is transmitted by local network);  'defibrillator battery is low' (measured by separate sensor);  'intruder in the house' (monitored and transmitted by home security system);  'budget variance meeting in 5-minutes' (self-selected alarm within mobile device, and/or detected by text message from a 3rd-party);  'selected-friend is calling' (pre-selected message-detection sent from mobile device);  'amber alert - go to mobile device for details' (civic message sent from mobile device);  'turn left here' (pre-selected in conjunction with mobile-device GPS/map);  'fire in building - get out now' (via text-message activation from mobile device);  'daughter's concert in 30-minutes' (self-selected alarm within mobile and/or by text reminder from 3rd-party);  'reached 4,000-feet in the hike' (via mobile device-GPS);  'sailboat race starts in 3-min 15-sec' (self-selected stopwatch within mobile, and/or activated by race committee text message) ... + +.  Up to 255 optional messaging-codes can be selected out of an unbounded amount of messaging-options, in-part, within additional mobile app's that are not included in this specific offer. 

   Luminosity of the 8 LED's are automatically adjusted to ambient light conditions.

   Text and images are not displayed — expressly to avert cybersickness and distraction.

   Other app's and other sensors are sold separately.  Some messages arise directly from the mobile device without additional sensors.  About 20 messaging-codes can be decisively remembered, quickly.  Messaging-signals can be selected and changed within the mobile-device's app, at any time.  Custom messaging is easily applied through selected app's:  for example (in conjunction with mobile device's camera) — '100th part on the assembly line is next'.

    Invented by Rick Howell of Stowe, Vermont — inventor of 5 worldwide #1-selling high-end sports products.  Pre-order exclusively by Reservation Deposit through Howell SkiBindings.  Pre-order exclusively by Reservation Deposit.  Special group-orders;  licensing;  co-licensing;  assignment — available upon request.  Contact Rick Howell at

It was inevitable. (sm)


Copyright © 2017 by Howell Product Development Holding, Inc and by Rick Howell.  All rights reserved.  Patent-pending.



**US$20 is automatically-charged at the time of reservation-deposit for all international orders.