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    The durability of an alpine ski-binding is essential in providing consistent, long-lasting function.

    No matter how hard we try to preserve the newness of our skis, a lift attendant or a parking valet will inadvertently drop our skis on concrete or pavement.  Ski bindings must remain steadfast in their function even when something like this happens.  More commonly, skis are stacked on top of each other in the bowels of a bus or become knocked against each other on the outside of a gondola cabin.  Bindings must operate as planned even after repeated hits and bumps.  Excess ski wax, ice, you name it — bindings must continue to perform properly (see Footnote).

    International standard ISO 9462 provides 3 testing-provisions for durability — but Howell SkiBinding company believes these tests are far too lenient. 

    Howell SkiBindings are tested by a group of test-skiers for a full season, on-snow, in all kinds of weather, snow and apres-ski conditions.  We utilize a private group of skiers who ski almost all day every day for a full season ... while they subject their skis and bindings to a wide range of skiing and environmental conditions.  The bindings these skiers use are tested and inspected by Howell technicians on a consistent basis — and subtle changes are made again and again and again until the bindings perform consistently. 

    This is why Howell SkiBindings come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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Howell 800 Venus — Loaded with ACL-Friendly features for women.  DIN 2.5—9

Howell 880 Pro — High DIN's plus ACL Friendly skiing — without pre-release.  DIN 5—15


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           Anti-pre-release. ACL-friendly.

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Footnote:   We require that skis (and their bindings) never be placed in a car's external ski-rack.  This is perhaps the worst environmental exposure to which a binding could be subjected.  No binding will function properly after being exposed to road salt, cinders or sand.  Howell SkiBindings are not covered under warranty if they are carried on an external ski-rack.