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Only Howell makes ski bindings with ACL-Release* that do not pre-release. 

Introducing new Howell SkiBindings*.


Now — based on 46 combined years of research, development, ski-binding engineering-technician experience, and race-proven know-how — Rick Howell introduces Howell SkiBindings. 

Powerful anti-pre-release.  Advanced multi-directional alpine toe release.  ACL-friendly lateral heel release.  Powerful edge-control.  Low 17mm stand-height.  Lite.  Durable.  And the real possibility of ACL-friendly* skiing.   

The remarkable new Howell SkiBindings will be certified and ready for shipment starting October, 2018 by reservationReservation-Deposit pre-orders that are placed now receive a 30% discount and free shipping in October, 2018.  Reservation-Deposits are $100 for Howell 800 and 880 bindings;  $200 for Howell 888 WC Racing binding.

To place a Reservation Deposit, select 'Catalog', above.  Select binding model(s).  Under 'Payment Options', select "Pay Deposit Now (1st shipments, 2018)" — the listed price will automatically change to the Reservation-Deposit price.

   Anti-pre-release.  ACL-friendly.


    Howell SkiBindings

    It was inevitable*


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(1)   Non-pre-releasing multi-directional toe release includes pure vertical toe release to provide BIAD (Boot Induced Anterior Drawer) ACL-friendly skiing.  The prevalence of BIAD-induced ACL-injuries among the general skiing population = ~8% of all skiing-ACL injuries.  Multi-directional toe release also includes diagonal toe release to provide backward-twisting ACL & MCL-friendly skiing.  The prevalence of backward-twisting-induced ACL-injuries among the general skiing population = ~10% of all skiing-ACL injuries.  Pure vertical and multi-directional toe release are available in the Howell 800 Venus.  Only multi-directional toe release is available in the Howell 880 Pro.   Howell 888 WC Racing provides lateral toe release only.

(2)  Non-pre-releasing lateral heel release — is available in Howell 800 Venus, 880 Pro, and 888 WC Racing.  Each binding provides ACL & MCL-friendly skiing in the event of Phantom-Foot and Slip-Catch events that comprise ~80% of all skiing-ACL injuries among the general skiing population.  Epidemiologically, no one knows the extent to which ACL-injuries are mitigated among the 80%-prevalence group — though biomechanically it's plausible to mitigate skiing-ACL injuries based on in-house R&D testing.  If 1 in 5 ACL-injuries are mitigated, we at Howell SkiBindings consider this to be a good outcome compared to ordinary bindings that have no possibility of mitigating skiing ACL-injuries, no matter what level their release-settings are adjusted when also providing (even marginal) anti-pre-release.

No binding can mitigate all skiing knee injuries.

Copyright © by Rick Howell and Howell Ski Bindings, 2016.  All rights reserved.  U.S. Patent 9,463,370 and other patents-pending. 

* 'ACL-Release', 'ACL-Friendly', 'It was inevitable', and 'Howell SkiBindings' are service-marks.  Howell 888 WC Racing, Howell 880 Pro, Howell 800 Venus are trade-names.