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“I’m all set with my current bindings”, so the story goes.

     But the fact is, only soon-forthcoming Howell SkiBindings are truly ACL-friendly (1).  ‘And this friendliness comes uniquely without pre-release (2).

     50 years ago while in high school Rick Howell began designing bindings that became #1-selling;  successfully ski-raced;  performed his engineering thesis on bindings;  co-authored the DIN-System;  was a senior product manager at a major ski binding company;  invented the 1st hands-off clipless bicycle pedals;  and invented the #1-brand of high-tech snowshoes.  

     But during that success, his best friends were rupturing their ACL’s.

     So Rick designed special pure-alpine ski-bindings that are ACL-friendly (1) without pre-release (2).

     Each Howell SkiBinding comes with powerful edge-control, is light and strong, has a lifetime durability warranty — and comes with Rick Howell’s steadfast commitment to provide a #1 skiing experience.


Are you “all set” for ACL-friendly skiing? 


Respectfully, please consider pre-ordering Howell SkiBindings, today.


Reservation-deposit pre-orders, $80 — placed now — receive 30% off and Free Shipping** in October, 2023.  Full-price pre-orders — placed now — receive free mounting, testing & shipping of skis, boots & bindings (both-ways) by Howell SkiBindings.  All deposits and pre-orders are fully-refundable at any time. 

Howell Venus   DIN 2.5-9   Extra female friendly.

Howell Mars   DIN 5-16   Decisive ACL-friendliness, anti-pre-release, powerful edge-control.

Howell PlanetB   DIN 8-22   Titanium strength.  CAUTION:  EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY. 

     For details, click images of individual binding models.


            Anti-pre-release. ACL-friendly.

                    Howell SkiBindings

                       It was inevitable.


(1)  Biomechanical research, ‘ACL-friendly ski-binding biomechanics’, R. Howell, peer-reviewed & presented at:

   IOC (International Olympic Committee) World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, Monaco, 2017;  

   ICSS (International Conference on Science in Skiing) Finland, 2019;  

   SITEMSH (International Society for Snowsports Medicine) Austria 2016, Japan 2017, Andorra 2020;  

   ESSKA (European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy) Spain 2017, Italy 2020;  

   ISSS (International Society for Skiing Safety) Switzerland 2003, Japan 2005, Scotland 2007, Germany 2009, Argentina 2013, Italy 2015, Austria 2017, USA 2019.

(2)  Lab & on-slope research, ‘Anti-pre-release’,  R. Howell, peer-reviewed & presented at:

   ISSS (International Society for Skiing Safety) Argentina, 2013.



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* 'ACL-Friendly', ‘ACL-friendliness’, 'Anti-Pre-Release', 'It was inevitable', 'Howell SkiBindings', Howell SkiBinding, Howell Ski Bindings, Howell Bindings, 'Howell Venus', 'Howell Mars', and 'Howell Planet-B' are (sm) Service Marks of Howell SkiBindings, Inc.

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