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        Howell SkiBindings are the ONLY pure alpine ski bindings providing MCL, ACL and meniscus friendly skiing — without pre-release.  

        This is a big deal.

        ’Born out of 47-years of work in the ski-binding category by leading ski binding expert, Rick Howell — Howell SkiBindings provide what all skiers seek:  powerful retention and edge-control — plus MCL, ACL and meniscus friendly skiing.  

         During the last 20 years, intensive biomechanical research has been performed by Howell to refine and prove this important breakthrough that will bring great joy to all skiers.  The proven-results have been presented at major international orthopedic research and skiing-science conferences around the world.  Perhaps most significantly, extensive on-snow testing has verified that pre-release is radically mitigated with Howell SkiBindings.  

        Howell SkiBindings deliver 2 breakthroughs:  MCL, ACL and meniscus friendly skiing — and nearly zero pre-release.  It’s now possible to have it both ways.

       How is this achieved?  

       The patented technology uniquely incorporates ‘functional decoupling’ to separate the special 3-modes of release — including additional lateral-heel release — from the factors that cause pre-release.  For example, each of the 3 pivots that articulate release in each of the modes of release — lateral-toe, forward-heel, lateral-heel — are off-set from the ski-boot’s compression-vectors during ski-flex.  There are other, overlapping-features that mitigate pre-release, too.  For further details, see the Menu‘s (upper left corner of this page) sub-section — ’Tech Info’.

       Howell SkiBindings also deliver edge control unlike any other binding, setting-for-setting.  ‘And Howell SkiBindings have a low, 17mm, standheight to allow efficient use with any AT-frame — or any racing-lifter while still remaining under FIS standheight regulations.

       Before first-shipments in October, 2023 — it’s reasonably expected that Howell SkiBindings will achieve certification according to DIN / ISO — especially since Rick Howell is a co-author of these standards.

       Please note:  so-called ‘tech-bindings’ easily cause tibia-plateau / tibia-tuberosity fracture — and hybrid tech/alpine bindings do not provide MCL, ACL or meniscus friendly skiing.  Other former-bindings with so-called ‘Diagonal Release’ do not respond to the key vectors that cause ACL, MCL or meniscus injury (downward-weighted-lateral-heel) — and no ski-boot can pass-laterally through the side-lugs of pivot-turntable bindings (pivot-turntable bindings cause ACL, MCL and meniscus injury).   


       To order, click a model-photo (above) — select the model that’s right for you — then click-thru the order-sequence.

       Prices shown are ‘full retail’.  Pre-order price is $80 (eighty).  Pre-orders placed now for October 2023 delivery receive 30%-off the full-price,  FREE shipping within North America,  FREE precision-metal mounting jig.  Net-prices — due upon shipment — are equivalent to other top-of-the-line ordinary bindings.

        $80 pre-orders placed now receive 30%-off plus FREE Shipping October, 2023.  

        Full-price pre-orders placed now receive FREE mounting, FREE testing, FREE shipping of skis, boots & Howell SkiBindings (both-ways).  

        All pre-orders are fully-refundable at any time. 

Howell Venus   DIN 2.5–8   Extra ACL / MCL-friendly for women.  Patented.

Howell Mars   DIN 5–16   ACL / MCL friendly.  Anti-pre-release.  Powerful edge-control.  Patented.

Howell Planet-B   DIN 8–22   Titanium housings.  F1 valve springs.  CAUTION:  EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY.  Max retention / max edge-control.  Patented. 


       Anti-pre-release. ACL / MCL friendly.

                    Howell SkiBindings

                       It was inevitable.


(1)  Proven through top-level-scientific-committee-peer-reviewed-and-approved biomechanical research promulgated, performed and/or presented by Rick Howell at:

   IOC (International Olympic Committee) World Conference on Prevention of Injury in Sports, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2017 (research performed and presented by Rick Howell);  

   ICSS (International Conference on Science in Skiing) Voukatti, Finland, 2019;  

   SITEMSH (International Society for Snowsports Medicine) Flachu, Austria, 2016;  Inawashiro, Japan, 2017;  Barcelona, Spain, 2016;

   ESSKA (European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy) Barcelona, Spain, 2016 — published in  British Journal of Sports Medicine;

   ISSS (International Society for Skiing Safety) Pontresina, Switzerland, 2003 (research promulgated by Rick Howell; performed and presented by University of Montréal PhD biomechanical researchers, Nancy St-Onge, Jacques DeGuise).  

   Expanded original research promulgated, performed and presented by Rick Howell at —ISSS-Niigata, Japan, 2005;  ISSS-Aviemore, Scotland, 2007;  ISSS-San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina,  2013;  ISSS-Cortina, Italy, 2015;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria 2017;  ISSS-Squaw Valley, California, USA, 2019.



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