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Howell  Mars   DIN 5-16

Howell Mars DIN 5-16


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5-16 DIN     $800


Deposit:   $80  (balance invoiced at time of shipment October 2023).     

Deposits are fully-refundable at any time.    

Deposits placed now receive a 30% discount off full price when net amount is due in Oct 2023:  net invoiced balance  =  $480 in Oct 2023.

First shipments — October, 2023.  

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Or, orders placed now at full-price, $800, receive personalized mounting, testing, fine-tuning and shipping both ways by Howell SkiBindings.  This is a limited-time offer.

     Good skiers want good edge-control to carve turns.  Howell Mars ski-bindings uniquely provide a shortened lever-arm between the forward-release pivot (the leading edge of the AFD) and the heel.  A shortened lever-arm requires a higher hold-down force at the heel to maintain a chart-standardized, peak forward-bending-moment (forward release).  Higher hold-down force at the heel provides greater lateral overturning moment resistance (edge control) compared with all other bindings.  This — together with super-wide cantilevered heel-pads and AFD’s;  and maximal width toe cups and heel cups — cause Howell SkiBindings to provide 17% more edge control than any other binding, setting-for-setting.  The absence of chatter can be felt even when carving Eastern blue-ice.


     And of course, all Howell SkiBindings come standard with non-pre-releasing, ACL-friendly, lateral-heel-release — PLUS specially-developed lateral-heel release-settings.  Howell Mars toes have multi-directional (not vertical) toe release.  Only Howell SkiBindings provide true ACL-friendly skiing.


Details:  Super-tough engineering-grade-resins (non-hydroscopic Nylon-12 with 50% long glass fibers) & aluminum housings.  Pure Teflon boot contact points.  Pincer-toes provide solid lateral (not edge) control even on choppy ice.  Solid stainless steel inner workings enhance durable, reliable function.  Unique, Functional Decoupling (sm) blocks pre-release in each mode of release, even at standard chart settings.  Utility patented, low, 17mm stand-height reduces MCL, ACL and meniscus stress;  allows the addition of just about any under-binding plate.  0°-ramp angle provides natural athletic stance.  Adjustable toe height.  Floating Mounting System minimizes pull-outs.

     For more info re ‘ACL-friendly’, see:  Menu —> Tech Info —> Release  ( or ‘Retention’ or ‘Edge Control’ ).

Also included:

     Grip-Sole or ‘standard alpine sole’ compatible;

     Extra-set of insert-molded Pure Teflon AFD’s attachable with simple re-mounting of toe, included;

     Maximum tipping angle with extreme brake-retraction averts boot-outs;

     Anticipated DIN Certification in Germany;

     Individually tested and calibrated;

     Lifetime Limited Warranty;

     2 brake retainers for base-prep;

     3 ski-brake widths included:  70-80mm;  80-90mm;  90-100mm** ;

     Precision metal mounting jig;  drill it (4.1mm-Ø);  tap (4.0mm-Ø);  and tap-handle;  

     Cant Kit, included (0°, 1°, 2°);

      Detailed instructions / on-line service.


    Anti-pre-release. ACL-friendly.

            Howell SkiBindings 
               It was inevitable.


To pre-order other or additional Howell SkiBindings with an $80 reservation-deposit:

Howell Venus   DIN 2.5-9   Extra-Female friendly.

Howell Planet-B   DIN 8-22   Titanium strength.  CAUTION:  FOR EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY. 


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'ACL-Friendly', 'It was inevitable.', 'Howell SkiBindings', '800 Venus', '880 Pro', 'Howell 888 Max', ‘Howell 2.5-9 Anti-ACL-Rupture’, ‘Howell 5-15 Anti-ACL-Rupture’; ‘Howell 8-20 Anti-ACL-Rupture’ are (sm) Service Marks.

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* US$20 is automatically charged on Reservation Deposits for international orders.

** Howell SkiBindings is against (a) ski waist widths greater than 100mm AND against (b) all 'pin-binding's' (except Trab TR2 and Shift) — due to their association with a new type of skiing-injury:  severe, high-energy tibia-plateau and tibial-tuberosity fractures.  Both new types of skiing injuries are the fastest-growing categories of injuries in skiing — matching the growth of fat-skis and pin-bindings.  The high-energy nature of the new types of skiing fractures involve multiple-fragments, difficult surgical reconstruction, and 10 to 15-months of aggressive rehabilitation.  Fat skis on firm snow are a serious problem for the sustainability of our beautiful sport.  

References:  (1) Dominik Heim, MD;  SITEMSH-Japan, 2016.  (2) Zorko; Nemec; Matjacic; Olensek;  Alpine Skiing Simulations Prove Ski Waist-Width Influences Knee Joint Kinematics;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.   (3) Stenroos; Pakarinen; Jalkanen; Mälkiä; Handolin;  Tibial Fractures in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding in Finland: A Retrospective Study on Fracture Types and Injury Mechanisms in 363 patients;  Scand J Surg Off Organ Finn Surg Soc Scand Surg Soc., Sept 2015,  doi:10.1177/1457496915607410.  (4) Improved Short Term Outcomes in Tibial Plateau Fractures of Snow Sports Injuries Treated with Immediate Open Reduction Internal Fixation;  Janes, MD; Leonard, MSPH; Phillips, PA-C; Salottolo, MPH; Abbott, MD, Bar-Or, MD;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.



** US$20 is charged at the time of Reservation Deposit for international shipments.