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Howell Venus  DIN 2.5-8

Howell Venus DIN 2.5-8


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2.5 - 8 DIN    $800

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Extra ACL-friendly for women.  
1st gender-specific ski binding.


     Epidemiologically, females have a 3-time greater incidence of sustaining an ACL-injury in alpine skiing compared with men.  Biomechanically, this gender difference in ACL injuries is believed to be due to:  

(1)  ‘Slightly steeper, reverse-angled, tibial-plateau that increases ACL-straining anterior-drawer loading during extreme downward-weighting;  

(2)  ‘Slightly sharper notch where the ACL partially-resides, which sharper notch can slightly increase a cutting effect into the ACL during extreme abduction-loading;  

(3) ‘Slightly lower ACL strength-to-skier-weight ratio that can slightly reduce the integrity-threshold of the ACL during the extreme loading of crashes;  

(4) ‘Slightly reduced ACL elastic-limit during enhanced estrogen production;  

(5) ‘Slightly increased ACL-pre-loading due to a slightly greater natural valgus posture.  

    Those five factors — added together — point toward enhanced ACL-friendly ski-binding function for women.

     Howell Venus is the first truly gender-specific alpine ski binding — uniquely providing extra friendly ACL skiing for women, with these unique features:

•  Vertical toe release.

    Howell Venus uniquely provides full vertical toe release — with mitigated pre-release and intentionally cross-linked lateral-toe release — to address high anterior-drawer loading unique to females.  See point 1 about steeper reverse tibial-plateau slope.

•  Slightly lower lateral-heel release-settings — that do not pre-release.

    Howell Venus uniquely provides extraordinary anti-pre-release to allow slightly lower lateral-heel release-settings by:   (a) functionally-decoupling each of the Howell SkiBindings’ 3 primary modes of release — lateral-toe, forward-heel lateral-heel — from the other two modes of release so that skiing control-loads, such as edging / carving, do not cause pre-release;  (b) providing off-center pivots in each mode of release to block pre-release caused by ski-flex;  (c) providing industry-leading ‘elasticity’ to further block pre-release during stray-loading caused by choppy or wet snow conditions.  See points 2, 3, and 4, above.

•  2-degree valgus canting — with optionally-included zero-degree and 1-degree canting.

    2-degree valgus canting (thick-side inside) — standard in the Howell Venus model — de-pre-loads the MCL, ACL, lateral meniscus, and lateral tibial-plateau — which pre-loading is otherwise present due to average female hip anatomy.  Some women with narrower hips may prefer no canting or 1-degree canting:  these options come standard with Howell Venus bindings, too.  Long mounting screws are pre-mounted for 2-degree canting.  Shorter mounting screws come standard for optional zero and 1-degree canting.  See point 5, above.


     Independently of ACL-factors — Howell Venus ski bindings uniquely provide easy, hands-off, step-in / step-out even in deep powder — even with small boot sizes.


    Double-set, precision-ground springs assure precise release.  100% individually tested and calibrated.  

    Patented, low, 22mm stand-height reduces cumulative stress on the meniscus, MCL, ACL and tibial plateau. 

    0°-ramp angle provides natural athletic stance, independently of boot sole length.  

    GripWalk sole or ‘standard alpine sole’ compatible (both options included).  We do not recommend GripWalk soles.

     Extra Toe Pads and Heel Pads with Teflon top surfaces come standard.  ‘Replaceable with simple re-mounting of toe or heel.

     Anticipated compliance to all DIN/ISO alpine ski-binding safety standards, including DIN/ISO 9462, 9465 and 11087.

     Housings are made of super-tough, eco-friendly, plant-based, Nylon-11 with 45% long glass fiber;

     Lifetime Limited Warranty;

     8 ski-brake holders for ski-tuning.

     2 ski-brake widths are included:  70-80mm;  80-90mm**;

     Precision metal mounting jig;  one 4.1mm-Ø DIN-standard drill bit;  and one 4.0mm-Ø DIN-standard tap;  

     On-line 24/7 AI service.



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** Howell SkiBindings company is against (a) ski waist widths greater than 90mm  AND  (b) all 'pin-bindings' (except Trab TR2 and Shift, though do not fall in the touring mode and neither are ACL-friendly in the alpine-mode) — due to their association with severe, high-energy, tibia-plateau fractures.  This type of skiing injury matches the growth of fat-skis and pin-bindings.  The high-energy nature of this type of skiing fracture involves multiple-fragments, difficult surgical reconstruction, and 10 to 15-months of aggressive rehabilitation.  Fat skis on firm snow are a serious problem for the sustainability of our beautiful sport.  ‘And ‘pin-bindings’ are hardly “tech”.

References:  (1) Dominik Heim, MD;  SITEMSH-Japan, 2016.  (2) Zorko; Nemec; Matjacic; Olensek;  Alpine Skiing Simulations Prove Ski Waist-Width Influences Knee Joint Kinematics;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.   (3) Stenroos; Pakarinen; Jalkanen; Mälkiä; Handolin;  Tibial Fractures in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding in Finland: A Retrospective Study on Fracture Types and Injury Mechanisms in 363 patients;  Scand J Surg Off Organ Finn Surg Soc Scand Surg Soc., Sept 2015,  doi:10.1177/1457496915607410.  (4) Improved Short Term Outcomes in Tibial Plateau Fractures of Snow Sports Injuries Treated with Immediate Open Reduction Internal Fixation;  Janes, MD; Leonard, MSPH; Phillips, PA-C; Salottolo, MPH; Abbott, MD, Bar-Or, MD;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.